Mother's Day Limited Editions are in store!


Grab one, two or the complete set for Mom for a vibrant and fragrance filled Mother's Day. These designs also lend themselves to a wonderful Spring gifting option, as well as, a just because I need, home décor candle. I concepted and designed this Limited Edition Spring Collection a year ago and to learn more about the project click here.



Spring blossoms with home buyers flooding the market... so lets talk about innovative solutions that they will want.


For those who know me, know that I am passionate about residential design, remodeling and building. Its a real super hobby and passion of mine. For the last 10 years this passion has driven two home remodels and collaborating on a cutting edge modern home entitled Folded Planes, which I will share on this blog in the near future. I have traveled to the International Builders Show, Kitchen & Bath International Show, International Surface and Flooring Show on several occasions over the years. This allowed me to be at the forefront of trends, new finishes, solutions and especially aware of where Smart Home Tech was and where its is going. I have watched to see what brands have risen to the top of home tech and who have fallen out. We are now seeing some brands really come to the forefront of the pack when it comes to home automation.


A brand that has innovated to success over the last 10 years, is Hartford CT based Legrand. Legrand's second generation Intuity home automation system hits on all the subsystems an average homeowner would want and offers whole-house control of a home’s entertainment, security, comfort, and convenience - including multi-room audio, RF lighting control, security, thermostat, video door entry, camera monitoring, whole-house intercom and door locks. Moreover, this system hits an affordable price point for most middle class folks and most of the units are easily installed, hitting on 2 huge smart home issues in the past, cost and installation. Legrand has been buying smaller companies like gangbusters and has built an impressive portfolio of home tech solutions. As a consumer, possibly wiring your house for a system, this portfolio allows one to sleep better a night knowing this company is not going anywhere.

Now let's get to the fun stuff, the design! Legrand's Adorne Collection is just a winner, it's simply gorgeous, offers different solutions and a portfolio of finishes. Above is just a sampling of the collections simple and clean designs. From left to right, a Wave switch, no touch needed, a Rocker switch, a Pop-out outlet, yes! and new design for a double outlet with USB charging port. Last July Legrand released the Wi-Fi enabled Lighting System in which the switches are controlled from an app for smartphones and tablets. The users can manage lighting from anywhere in the home, the can to customize scenes and energy saving and vacation modes allow homeowners peace of mind while away. Now I have been working for Yankee Candle for several years and with this technology broadening in the market, I could not help to envision a scent system employing this technology in several ways. The question arose, what if the future of smart homes included a fragrance subsystem much like home audio, video, hvac and lighting are being treated now and could fragrance be part of a holistic system. What if...


My first thought was a partnership, teaming up with a industry leader like Legrand and integrating a small fragrance canister system in tech they have already developed. Take for instance a light switch, see below left. This integrated switch could enclose a small fragrance oil canister and release fragrance upon motion detected, a waving motion of the switch or be Wi-Fi enabled and operated via an app. Another option is stand alone units, resembling an outlet or switch, inconspicuous to the eye, bottom right. These units, filled with a removable fragrance oil card, could be hard wired to heat the oil for fragrance throw and operated via phone or tablet app. This could be a home fragrance subsystem solution for a smart home or just stand alone unit.

So how does this fragrance system work, how can it be smart? There is tech now out called IFTTT or If This Than That. An easy way to automate tasks in life and is fully customizable to integrate hundreds of services. Its a way to put familiar brands and new experiences in front of users, from the latest bots to voice activated assistants like Alexia. A user can build Applets and embed them directly into an app or website. As a platform partner, other companies can build Applets that work with your service, introducing brands to new audiences. So whats an Applet, see illustration below.

The above illustration shows how a fragrance system could easily integrate into automation. Fragrance is a lifestyle enhancement, not everyone needs the shades to close with a touch of a button, but for many they want the luxury. I see a need in the future for homeowners to have their homes smell like a Crisp Fall Night or Clean Cotton after a long day at the office. Other possibilities far reach this blog post but this is a start!



Gift Packaging for Spring!


Spring is here and is delivered in bright colorful packaging. This pattern mixes a saturated pink with a fierce coral and light cream, creating a multi-use pattern for Q1 & Q2 holidays including Mother's Day, Valentines Day and Spring Birthday's. A special teal version of the pattern, see below, was designed to jive with the aquatic subject matter of some of the gift sets and offered a visual break from the sea of pink and coral in store. Click here to see the collection.



New Spring Photo Illustrations for Fragrance Labels


The Mediterranean Dream thematic for Spring 2017 brings a destination based photography approach to the new fragrance line up and the candle smell good too! The final label art is a photo composition of stock imagery. Using Photoshop, I use parts of each of the stock images and create a totally unique image that is ownable by the company without rights restrictions. A time consuming process, but worth it, as the final art brings the consumer to an aspirational destination. Click here to see the collection.



Cookie Swap Limited Collection has arrived!


The new Cookie Swap limited collection is now out in stores! I have waited a long time for this day... This campaign was projected as a $5 million retail exclusive holiday program. I was responsible for the conceptualization and design of this project, which consisted of labels, Scenterpiece labels, neckband, gift bags, boxes and sets. Click here to see the candle collection and here for the gift sets.



All Is Bright is a cover model


All Is Bright has made the cover for the Yankee Candle holiday 2016 Catalogue. I created the label artwork for this fragrance by creating Bokeh brushes in Photoshop and layers and layers of dot patterns from dark to light. Click here to see more about the process.