1H 2017 Gift Bags,

Boxes & Gift Sets


For Spring 2017, the Mediterranean Dream thematic inspired two different trellis patterns for the gifting program for Yankee Candle, one look for gift sets and a variation of the look for a gift bag and box. Working with the Q1 2017 Trend POV boards, I created various patterns and designs that delivered on the look for the season.



To design a gift collection for Spring and also works for Easter and Mother's Day gifting. The collection should work with the various wax programs, home accent programs and the in store floor set displays. A special novelty Valentine's Day box was added to the collection for a limited time.


The two patterns in the gift bag and box mix a saturated pink with a fierce coral and light cream, creating a multi-use pattern for Q1 & Q2 holidays including Mother's Day, Valentines Day and Spring Birthdays. A repeated dot fan shaped pattern in coral and pink cover the side panels and tissue. The counter part to this small dense pattern is a clean cream and vivid pink trellis pattern framed with a vivid pink accent border. The tissue paper was designed with the same graphic as the side panels, creating a cohesive look from the side and a dynamic look from either front or back.

Gift Sets

This collection proceeded the approval of the gifting program and intentionally shares the same color palette to tie the programs together in store. I brought over the dense dot fan pattern and opted to reinvent it as a cream and coral pattern for the front panel of the gift sets, opposite of the bag and box. A different trellis pattern was designed for side and back panels and done in coral and cream and was framed by a cream border.


A Valentine's Day exclusive, this box and gift tag were designed simply with 2 spot colors, Pantone Red and Gold Metallic Pantone for heart and tag. A bow came standard with the box from a quoting perspective, so I was able to dictate placement and was able to get the silk bow finished in a match gold.


PATTERN Development

There were endless options for what these patterns could be, how they could be finished and what combination. I did a exhaustive explore of these combinations in various color palettes and chose these four to depict the process.


TOP: Different patterns for the front panels, an olive leaf and Greek key approach, I was pretty set on using the dense dot pattern for side panels, as it lent itself to fill a small panel.


BELOW: The same pattern explored through different color palettes.