2017 Mother's Day

Limited Edition


The 2017 Mother's Day Limited Edition Campaign kicks of the Limited Edition schedule for 2017 and offers the consumer gifting options for the holiday and Spring Birthdays. The design of this collection also appeals to the general consumer with bright spring colored spray glass and clean modern decoration. The original concept also included a gift box design that did not move forward. Due to the scheduling, glass deco could not be applied to glass and had to be integrated into the label design which had to be reduced in size to what the production line could accommodate.



To design a collection that focuses on Mother's Day gifting and also offers a new Spring LE option. Color palette should link to the 2017 Q2 POV boards and include a gift box option.


Spring gets a huge welcome with this super saturated and bright color palette of this collection. An opaque interior spray is the foundation for this set, with clean modern offset graphics that were designed to be a white glass deco application.  A simple foil border front label in the tone of the wax color compliments the glass deco. A dust cover was designed with a Pantone spot tonal trellis pattern on matching Pantone glass color. A silver foil border sets off this dust cover from the wax and compliments the foil on front label. The fragrance name is clearly legible and deco is added to create some interest and link the vessel with cover.


BELOW: A gift box option was designed as part of the concept process for this collection. The gift box did not move forward, but these are examples of complimentary boxes matching specific fragrances. The design is a top lifting box, with a foil base box, linking the silver foil of the label design to the box. The tonal trellis pattern is used, matching the dust cover design and the deco is wrapped on opposite corners of the box top.



This concept approach was inspired by Gucci's florals on a tonal pattern approach. I implemented the YC Corporate pattern and applied tonal swatches to jive with the wax color and vessel spray for both the patterns for the dust cover and box. I created a floral design using various stock sources and colored the vector art to work with the 1H 2017 trend board swatches. This floral is applied to glass deco as an appliqué. The label was designed to be removable and the floral pattern lines up with the pattern on vessel. This is a somewhat traditional approach to Mother's Day with a fresh take using vibrant colors and pattern mixed with the floral.


This concept was inspired by the 2017 Q2 trend boards embracing the travel destination of Tahiti. This tropical motif was created with the use of a tonal floral and leaf pattern on a cream backdrop. Gold foil is implemented to add an upscale approach to the concept. A simple fern and flower, outlined in gold, adorn the vessel and are also carried to the dust cover. The cover was designed on a clear substrate so that the wax is visible through the cover. The box is designed as a 2 part box structure, a top that pulls off box off from a foil bottom. A second option, bottom right, is designed as a pull-out gift box finished in gold foil with a pattern wrap and label.


This concept comes up all roses. Pulling from our Q2 2017 trend boards, I created a simple rose cluster for the glass deco label finished in gold foil. For the dust cover, I designed a rose frame finished in gold foil on a clear material with opaque white type. For the gift box, a fragrance specific label was designed taking the color cue from the wax color of each fragrance with gold foil accents. I created a repeatable pattern from the rose design to apply to the top of the box and the bottom was finished in a gold foil. A second gift box option was offered, a tall round hat box finished in gold foil and the tonal rose pattern.