2010 Halloween Campaign


For Halloween 2010, I had the opportunity to work with Yankee Candle to make a very fun and unique Halloween Campaign. The only parameters starting this project were that YC wanted to use a lenticular label approach for their core Halloween Med Apothecary Jars. The label design and illustrations were left up to my vision. We explored several options with the vendor, 3-D lenticular – looking into the label and seeing foreground, middle ground and background planes and also 3 Scene Flip lenticular – showing the puppets with movement, which I loved, and also scene changes. Ultimately, the brand decided on the Scene Flip option with silhouetted large graphic icons for 3 of the 5 fragrances. I believe this style was chosen for easy icon recognition on shelf. Trick or Treat and All Hallow's Eve were done in the 3 Scene Flip motion lenticular. This campaign did very well, boasting one of the highest grossing revenues for the Halloween holiday in years.


The campaign includes 5 unique fragrance specific illustrations done in my 3-D Photography style, creating scenes with puppets, lighting the set and taking a photograph as the final illustration. Very similar to stop motion animation. The fragrances to illustrate were Witches' Brew, Candy Corn, All Hallow's Eve and Trick or Treat. Pumpkin Patch was a last minute addition.



To design a Halloween campaign with a lenticular label approach for the Med Apothecary Jar that can be easily sized down for all other non-lenticular packaging. To illustrate these labels with my 3-D illustration approach.



TOP: Sketch to final. The concept for the label was tombstone inspired with a neutral stone finish to frame the illustrations. I designed the frame to feel old, like weathered over time stone, making it imperfect as if it was man made. The bat fragrance name frame was a perfect solution to bring a not fragrance specific Halloween element into the design. I created the frame from cardboard, above middle, and textured and painted the frame to mimic cracked and a little grungy weathered stone.


BOTTOM LEFT: Kidela was a great font choice for this project, but it needed customization to really work with this project and subject matter. The first line shows the font as typed, I worked with the font to add character and rhythm. Once achieved, I added texture to mimic the stone, added small stroke and drop shadow to allow the fragrance name to pop from the stone. For the lenticular, the fragrance name was done in 3-D so it appeared to be floating off the bat stone frame.


BOTTOM RIGHT: Final label design. The Great Pumpkin did change to Candy Corn and illustration was updated too.



TOP: A core Halloween fragrance for many years, Witches' Brew with it's black wax is a perfect back drop for vibrant colors. The cauldron is made from Styrofoam, textured and painted and gel mixed with beads created the bubbling brew effect. I lit the cauldron from below to create the magical up glow and key light on her face. The Witch's wand was hand carved out of balsa wood, and the actual puppet made from clay, cloth material, wire, and many other materials. The stars are shinning outside as her cat looks onward to the magic inside. A tiny Yankee Candle jar sits on the back shelf with one of my illustrations on it, a fun Easter Egg moment in the illustration.

MIDDLE: Final lenticular 3 scene flip layout. The large head icon was chosen by Brand for its shelf legibility.


BOTTOM: Final sketch and color study for approval.


TOP: Ghoula Childs is hard at work creating the perfect wedding cake for the spider bride and groom. This is a swirl candle, blending two fragrances Candy Corn and Buttercream into one candle. I used plaster to decorate the buttercream cake and used real Candy Corn to bring in the two fragrances cues. Skeleton Ghoula is made with wire and clay for tiny bones with paper teeth and tiny faux pearl necklace. The vibrant lavender pattern material is the perfect wallpaper backdrop and compliment to the orange pops of color.

MIDDLE: Final lenticular 3 movement flip layout. Ghoula is placing Candy Corn on the cake.


BOTTOM: Final sketch and color study for approval before the illustration moved to a swirl candle, originally it was for the Buttercream fragrance only.


TOP: This illustration started as The Great Pumpkin and through the process changed to Candy Corn. The main element was this Pumpkin King or Mayor like main character strolling through his fellow pumpkins. When the fragrance was changed, Candy Corn elements were added to his attire and the thought was that he would be sprinkling candy corn over the pumpkin patch and this would be the flip movement of the lenticular. The brand opted to go with the large head icon for the flip and the candy corn sprinkle was left has the main flip image.

MIDDLE: This fragrance was used as the test mule for the lenticular process. The gifs above show studies in movement, backgrounds and perspective. These were mere studies to get real samples from the vendor so we could better understand the lenticular process and printing capabilities.


BOTTOM: Final sketch and color study for approval before the illustration moved to the Candy Corn.


TOP: The Midnight Jazz-Men Band play their music in the evening graveyard amongst a ghosted bed of jasmine. A Swirl Candle, this fragrances is a mix of Midnight Jasmine and Evening Air Fragrances. The concept began with this band of characters and for the lenticular flip, we opted for movement of the puppets playing the instruments.


MIDDLE: Final lenticular 3 movement flip layout. Brand asked me to add musical notes to the flip to further convey the musically of these characters. I think the notes made the image way too busy and at printed size were barely legible.


BOTTOM: Final sketch and color study for approval prior to fragrance assignment, a ghosted jasmine bed was added after approval.


TOP: A last minute add, the Pumpkin Patch is a pumpkin and fall harvest fragrance. A straight forward approach, carved pumpkins are individually lit to create an enchanted patch. Small ears of corn and fall leaves bring fall fragrance cues into the illustration. For the lenticular flip, I tested a pumpkin to jack-o-lantern flip and non glowing jack-o-lantern to glowing jacks. Ultimately the brand wanted the large fragrance icon for the flip.


BOTTOM: Final lenticular 3 flip layout with the large fragrance icon.


To accompany the wax campaign, a series of ceramic home accents done in the Boney Bunch look were created based of my characters in the illustrations. They are all designed to be tea light holders with the exception of the circular jar holder, third in from the top.